CLUBHOUSE - Modern Social Network

Clubhouse is a new closed social network that was created in 2020 by graduates of Standford University. Participants in this network can only communicate with voice messages. Since the platform is closed from the widest public, it is possible to access only through familiar, which are already users. In the first months of 2021, the social network worked only on IOS, and was already estimated at billion dollars. And in February 2021, the app downloaded more than five million people. Engines some of the most popular and free Tik Tok and Telegram networks, the Clubhouse platform broke through the first download place in the App Store application.
Among the registered participants of this application were such fame as: Mark Zuckerberg, Kanye West, Jared Summer and Ilon Mask. Some believe that it is these celebrities and become a highlight of this platform, because if it is in the right room at the right moment, then you can talk with them. This network presents a wide selection of clubs and rooms with interlocutors for different topics, performances, music, political discussions and others. Active users managed to love this network, while others wave, because they do not understand what. To get to Clubhouse to start, you need an iPhone, because on android this application does not work, then invite, in other words, inviting another participant. At first it will be difficult and it is not clear that it is easier to tighten your networks to the account or others to search for friends. You can enter any of them as a listener, with the help of a special icon holding a hand, you can also join the conversation.
The rooms have specially designated people who control the tone and theme of the conversation, and also allow them to speak, they are also called moderators. Clubhouse support supports charity initiative. The bionic community calls for sacrifice money for the DOXA.OVD project. This assistance to students who participated in protests and because of this faced with some problems. Bioniclas tell about themselves by making an attack on other people's rooms. However, they have their own own room with their stars. One of them became a comedian Alexander Dolgopolov. TV presenter Vladimir Soloviev started the war with this community and even fights with them on the air of his programs. But just so it did not touch him from the hands, users immediately complained about him and he was blocked. Find out what is the best time to trade gold in South Africa on https://justforex.com/education/forex-articles/best-time-to-trade-gold-south-africa . Best gold trading tips online.