Jim Wolf: from homeless and back
Today is November 11, the day already known all over the world as the "day of war veterans". Many people express their support and solidarity, lighting a candle, attaching a poppy flower to their clothes or putting to the monument …
But there are organizations that are even more supporting war veterans. Whether it is a well-known Regibase site or a charity organization Degage Ministries. It was at this that the veteran of the war retired Jim Wolf, who could not return to peaceful life (like many other soldiers) after leaving the army. He lost his family and house. He could not stand the situation and began to drink alcohol. With the help of DEGAGE Ministries, Wolf met a journalist and director Robr Bliss, who founded Rob Bliss Creative, who took care of all the transformation documentation.
The history of the German and American pilot
In 1943, the German pilot BF-109 refused to shoot down a strongly damaged bomber B-17. Instead, he accompanied him outside of Germany. 46 years later, two pilots, Franz Stigler and Charlie Brown, again met and became best friends … German pilot Franz Stigler and pilot Bombard Charlie Brown collided in heaven over Germany after Bremen bombing on December 20, 1943.
The American bomber was badly damaged by anti-aircraft artillery (two engines are broken, the body of the torn, the crew is injured). In this bad situation, a German plane approached them and, to the surprise of the American crew, did not shoot, and accompanied them over the sea, where a German plane in greeting swung wings and disappeared. Charlie Brown did not want to believe in it after landing, and the bosses forbid him to talk about it. Franz Stigler did not even tell him not to shoot for non-compliance with the order. After 40 years, they met and were friends until the death until 2008.
It can be seen that in the war there were people from the soul, or on the side of the Allies, or on the side of the Germans. Inspirational, incredible and touching story about courage and humanity in accordance with the real event.
Lonely surviving – the film you should see
The premiere of the expected film "Lone surviving" is approaching every day. The film is inspired by the real event of June 2005, when the four American marines were instructed to seize the leader of the Taliban Ahmad Shan as part of the mission called Operation Red Wings. They were exposed, and they had to face excellence in 200 enemies. Only Markus Lattrell (which plays Mark Walberg) escaped from the bloody slaughter, but it was here that his struggle begins … Marcus Lattrell had to go through the real hell! https://www.businesses.com.au/reports/latest-business-news/441838-efficiency-of-online-casino-customer-support28277b50027d17881450e0d032572cfa