Pro Evolution Soccer 5 - Tips # 2

Basics - Attributes

There are two groups of attributes in general: basic and special. The main attributes are reflected through values ​​in the range of 1-99. And special are awarded in the shape of stars. Possessing a large number of special attributes usually means a player with a global reputation.

Three attributes have a range of 1-8. This is consistency, condition and accuracy of weak feet.

Main characteristics increase / decrease in Master League mode. Values ​​also change depending on the player's current form.

Increasing the main attributes in Master League mode. The attribute increases by +1, if the participant played several decent matches, and he is young enough. The Exp belt suggests it. - Attributes - World Soccer Winning Eleven 9 - Guide to the game and the passage of the game
The Exp belt suggests it.
Height - player's growth, affects the game head. Height is also important for goalkeepers. Height does not affect other attributes.

The dominant foot is a foot preferred by a player, R - right, L - left. If, for example, the frequency of a weak leg is at least 8, then the dominant foot will be formed at level 9. This means that the preferred foot will have a greater priority in this way.

Favored Side / Foot is a favorite side of the pitch / foot.

Position is the preferred position of the player. It has a slight value for a position occupied on the field.

Attack - offensive abilities appointed by the attackers and Vingers.

Protection - protective abilities appointed by defenders, defenders and goalkeepers.

Balance is a sign of how the player stands on the legs, it is difficult to overturn player with a high attribute, important for attacking and defenders, in air dips it does not matter.

Endurance is stamina, it quickly decreases if the player is in a weak form, a player running, for example, along the entire length of the wing, quickly loses it when endurance is less than half the maximum value, and the velocity of speed drops if the attribute is small, the player will be tired more often During the match, and some of the technical attributes will fall on the value.

Maximum speed - maximum player speed.

Acceleration - the time required to achieve maximum speed, the greater the value, the faster it receives it.

The reaction is the reflex, the time during which the player responds to passes, an additional attribute for the goalkeeper, the attacker reacts faster, for example, when perpendicular to the PACE, and reaches the ball, but also most often in the offside.

Dexterity - dexterity, maneuverability, it shows how the player changes the direction of running, reacts to the feints, etc.

Accuracy of drops - accuracy and best technique in dribl.

The speed of the drop is the speed of the drop, in other words: the more speed, the smaller the difference between running with the usual movement with the ball and the drop. Find you how successfully start forex in India for beginners. Best tutorial for new traders.