How it all works

One of the most important requirements customers have for texts is their uniqueness. Why is the uniqueness of the article placed on the site important? The fact is that when non-unique text is placed, the site will automatically be sent to the ban by search engines. In search results, such an article will not be displayed, which means there will be no visitors and desired traffic.

Consequently, to move the site to the front positions, you need unique content. And to make it so can be done with the help of rewriting. By the way, the term comes from the English rewrite, which literally translated into Russian means “rewriting.

Rewriting and rewriting: what is it

How to do the rewrite? You can rewrite the text using the replacement of words and grammatical constructions, rewrite the structure, leaving the meaning and the aim the same, or you can apply to the resume rewrite service. As a result of rewriting (it is also processing of the source) we receive the text, which is called a rerite. And the one who does such work is called a reporter.

The main difference between republishing and copywriting is that in the first case, the author has only to translate the source text in his own words, without his own comments and without a description of his experience. As the result of copywriting the author’s text is created on the basis of several studied sources and personal experience of the author.

In fact, every high school student knows the techniques of rewriting to a greater or lesser degree (remember, how to write an essay). But unlike the technique of writing school essays rewriting is subject to its own laws and rules, the failure to comply with which is fraught for the performer with the refusal of cooperation, and hence the loss of earnings.

Who needs rewritten texts

The Internet is a hundreds of thousands of sites where many articles are posted, which are sometimes discussed on the same topic. For this reason, rewritten texts are in demand, and the method of writing them – rewriting – is the best and most accessible. Many website owners prefer not to rack their brains about how to rewrite an article, but simply buy ready-made content.