Mysterious picture for 1000 rubles

A few years ago I purchased a picture of a grandfather for 1000 rubles. He lacked for food, because the pension is small, and at that age he could not. Of course, I am not a collector of paintings, she is neutral to creativity. But I liked the picture, it depicts a girl who sits on a fallen tree above the river.

When I brought this picture home, I decided to consolidate the picture near the fireplace. Here is the best view all over the house. Moreover, the guests often come to me and you need to surprise them. I remember on one of the holidays, they came to me familiar. Twenty minutes they looked at the picture without taking her eyes. So beautiful landscape they never saw. I was wondering what the artist wrote a picture. But there was no signature anywhere, but on the reverse side of the picture there was only number 666. A very unusual number for such a picture.

I decided to find information about it on the Internet. A few hours of continuous research did not give anything. I did not find any information about this picture on the Internet, but I found a famous collector who glad to see this work of art with pleasure.

The next day we met. A man of several hours appreciated the cost of the picture, but could not call the exact amount. The fact is that this picture is not listed as antiques. In addition, to say who the author of the picture is also impossible. He offered 20,000 rubles for her. I decided not to sell the picture, but to leave myself.

At night I lay and looked at the picture, I tried to see the meaning in it. And at some point it seemed to me, as if the girl was depicted in the picture smiled. I am not in my own, so I decided to close the picture with a blanket.

Prevented a month, the picture and fun covered. The house is big, so I'm cleaned gradually. Here is a turn reached the room in which there was a picture. I had to remove the blanket to wipe dust. But there was a surprise when the picture disappeared. That is, instead of the picture was the usual white canvas. I did not believe my eyes as possible? Does anyone stole a picture? But on the reverse side, the same number 666 was concerned. Some kind of mysticism.

I decided to find a grandfather, which I sold the picture. It was not difficult because it stands every day in the bazaar, sells everything from home. I approached and showed him a picture that disappeared. He was surprised. We went home to him, where the same picture hung on the wall.

Then followed the dialogue:
- Do you have two identical pictures?
- No, the fact is that the picture has unusual properties. It appears where it is really necessary.
- It turns out you need it?
- I do not know which artist did it, but for ten years this picture is with me. And whenever I try to sell it, she returns again.

Grandfather wanted to return money for the painting, but I refused. The most interesting thing is that I have never seen this picture anymore, and the grandfather did not appear in the bazaar. List of the best European dating websites on https://sweetydate.com/blog/5-best-eastern-european-dating-websites-in-2021-75 with true and reliable reviews.